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Joseph D. Wagner

11900 NE 18th St Apt 561
Vancouver, WA 98684-5111

Phone: 360-891-8439
Email: joe@josephdwagner.info

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To help people meet their computing needs by designing, maintaining, and coding the most reliable and secure programs feasible and training them to use it.

Computer Skills


ASP, ADO, C/C++, C#, COBOL, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Java Servlets, JSP, JDBC, .NET Framework, SQL, Visual Basic

Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 95, NT, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7;
Red Hat Linux & Fedora.


Billing Systems: CSG, ICOMS, CBP, iCommVergence.
Data Reporting: CA Forest & Trees; Toad for Data Analysts
GNU: awk; gcc; sed.
Microsoft: Office 97-2010; Visual Studio 97-2010.
SQL: Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2008; Oracle Client.


Sept. 2012 - Present

Alaska Communications

Hillsboro, OR

Business Intelligence Developer -- I analyze real-world data problems and develop practical solutions. My tasks include:

Analysis & Documentation: I analyze and document the internal workings of datasets, including the upstream processes which generate the data, the effect of the results on downstream processes, and edge-case scenarios which produce unexpected information.

Process Improvement & Automation: I review existing processes, and I design and develop solutions to improve their efficiency and accuracy, which often includes automation. Tools used to develop these solutions include Crystal Reports, Windows PowerShell, Excel macros, Access databases with forms, and data marts in Microsoft SQL Server.

Reporting: I develop, maintain, and run a number of reports and reporting systems centered on billing and finance. These range from aesthetic overviews for executives (using Crystal Reports) to self-help data marts for proficient users to comb through large data sets (using Microsoft SQL Server).

June 2006 - Aug. 2012

Charter Communications

Vancouver, WA

Business Reporting Developer* -- I transform data with the aim of extracting useful information and facilitating conclusions. My tasks include:

SQL Queries:I write SQL queries to pull data based upon a comprehensive set of business requirements. Examples include reports for marketing, engineering, finance, and quality control.

Macros: I write Windows PowerShell scripts & DOS batch files in order to automate processes. Previously, I also wrote Visual Basic macros to automate mass changes.

* In Apr. 2011, my title was realigned to better reflect my duties. My previous title was Billing Application Analyst.

Reporting Server: I designed, implemented, and supported a Microsoft SQL Server for reporting. This included SSIS ETL, tables & SQL queries, and SSRS reports. Reports included commissions, sales, homes passed & penetration, and technical operations metrics.

In Feb. 2008, my department was reorganized. Previously, my duties included those below. After the reorganization, they were dropped in order to focus on reporting and automation.

Project Execution: I led and executed a number of minor projects from inception to completion, which included defining the scope, developing & executing a step-by-step plan, and communicating & coordinating with other departments. Projects I managed included data cleanup & reconciliation, quality control, and revenue assurance.

Case-Based Support: I provided troubleshooting and support for personnel having difficulty operating the CSG billing software. Personnel I supported included customer service & front-counter representatives, leads, & supervisors; dispatchers; technicians; and managers.

Billing System Configuration: From time-to-time, I was tasked with changing configuration parameters, including service codes, rates, packages, discounts, taxes, prerequisites rule sets, provisioning of addressable services & equipment, and securities. Examples include projects where I increased rates, launched new equipment, and launched new services.

Aug. 2004 - May 2006

Charter Communications

Fond Du Lac, WI

High Speed Data Specialist -- I served customers by troubleshooting problems with their Internet connection. I also provided product and service information relating to Internet access and other new product lines, and I solicited orders for new products and services.

Oct. 2003 - Aug. 2004


Sheboygan, WI

Sales Associate -- I helped customers find and choose the products that met their needs.

Sept. 1999 - Aug. 2002

Lakeland College

Sheboygan, WI

Technical Assistant -- I supervised the computer labs and helped people diagnose and solve computer problems. Occasionally, I assisted the Information Technology department in deploying system updates.


Sept. 1999 - Aug. 2002

Lakeland College

Sheboygan, WI

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (4 year) Degree in Computer Science.


Professional Reference
Alex Minster
IA Analyst

Aaron Van Gieson
Operations and Analytics Manager
Micron Technology

Personal Reference
Lori Bryan
Billing Application Analyst
Charter Communications




• CompTIA A+ Certified

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